This Beautiful World

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You do not have to look very far to see the beauty that we are surrounded with naturally. The earth is such a beautiful planet. You can see some amazing mountains and some majestic oceans all on the same planet. There are deserts and green pastures as well. We truly live in a cornucopia of beauty. We sometimes do not take the time to notice but the beauty is there unwavering all the time. As the seasons change it is as if there is a color show being put on just for us. To see how the same scenery can change in color and features is fascinating. You have to be taken by the beauty that surrounds you. Just take a cup of coffee or a glass of tea and slow life down for ten minutes. Take in the landscaping. You may just be shocked at what you have been missing.

Themed Favors

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I love the fact so many couples are going with themed weddings. I think it is fun to see how creative some couples are with their wedding designs. They all want a totally unique wedding that is all about them. I think that is a perfect plan when designing your own wedding. You can follow a theme from your invites to your wedding favors. If you can not find what you are looking for to support your wedding theme you should go online. There is so much stuff for weddings online. If you need help with a theme idea I found a lot of ideas that are fun and romantic online.

Excessive Napkins

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I was not surprised to see the personalized napkins on the tables after seeing the carpet on the aisle printed with their initials on them. I had not scene the initials done on the runners before but they did look nice. The chargers that sat on the table waiting for the dinner plates to cover them by the waiters had initials on them also. The ballroom that was all decked out from ceiling to floor also sported initials in the center of the floor. It was so pretty to see but there was a little over kill on all of it together. When they had their first dance the light went out and the spot light came on with their initials being illuminated. Everyone made a gasp of approval but we had to be all thinking the same thing. It was beautiful though even if it was excessive. It is her wedding so excessive is allowed!

The Right Favors

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Kellie and Derek have such a huge family and so many friends their wedding was going to be huge even if they only invited those closest to them. For that reason they began giving out tasks for each of us to do in order to help them in their plans. We were given wedding favors as our job. We had to choose them and package them ourselves. This wedding was truly going to be a family affair. We shopped at all of our local locations but could not find what we needed in the large numbers we would need. Then we shopped online and found a huge array of items and some ideas we had not thought of for favors. We were really excited when we found the perfect favors to give as well as the packaging for them. After all it is not just the favor that makes it impressive it is mostly about the presentation.

A Wedding With A Dental Touch

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Our boss had been single for a long time. He had totally thrown himself into his practice after his wife had died. He had no intention to ever marry again even though he was relatively young. Then one day his one o’clock appt. came in. She was a beautiful lady with a lot of class to her. She is one of those ladies you would think of when you think of the southern bells. They had a great conversation after her checkup and decided to meet and discuss business. After that meeting they had been a couple ever since. Their wedding was in all of the gossip columns in our small town. Everyone was invited that was on the who’s who list in our area. We were invited because we are his staff. It was beautiful. For the wedding favors Dr. Jenkins passed out toothbrushes and paste. He just can not help himself from being a professional all of the time. I think that is why they are such a perfect match. I think of their wedding every time I use my toothbrush. After this brush is gone I will probably continue to think of them even with a new brush.

The Napkins Were The Only DNA Needed

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How could he have done that to me? How many times does he think he can be
deceitful and I would not find out? I am a firm believer that you should
never lie. The truth always prevails and trust is a very hard thing to
gain back when destroyed. My boyfriend, who may become ex-boyfriend in the
near future, continually neglects to give me the whole truth. I am careful
not to rant and rave when he does stupid things that he knows would hurt
me. Why can’t he see that telling me the truth is a lot less painful than
lying and I later stumble onto the truth? Recently I found several
personalized napkins waded in his trash bag in the car while we were out.
The incriminating evidence was the initials belonged to his ex-girlfriend
who recently had a birthday party at one of the local bars. Just like I
always said, you can’t run from the truth.

A Wedding Filter Favor Would Have Been Nice

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My grandmother sometimes has no filter when it comes to blurting out whatever she is thinking. You never know what she will spill out. It could be a family secret that is totally humiliating, or even a harsh curse word that definitely is out of place in the surroundings. I think she should be in an assisted living home, but mom and dad have taken on the loving task of taking her under their wings for the duration of her existence. Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly but I just don’t let my friends come over or get around her. Who knows what she would tell them about me? We recently went to a wedding for one of our family members. She behaved throughout the ceremony and reasonably well during the reception. The guests were beginning to head outdoors to see the bride and groom depart and grandmother stopped by the table and took her parting gift. She stood there and unwrapped the trinket, exclaiming out loud “What kind of **!!!!** wedding favors are these?” That is one of those priceless moments where I wish I was adopted.

What Kind Of Wedding Costume Do You Mean?

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What is a costume wedding? That is what her wedding invitations said when she sent them out. It was scheduled on Halloween weekend but where is the sanctity of marriage with a costume wedding? What are we supposed to dress up as; ghouls, mummies, vampires or werewolves? This should be interesting. I think for her wedding present I will give them a Halloween bucket filled with chocolates, candy corns and those tasty little peanut butter treats wrapped with orange and black paper. Seriously, if they aren’t taking this ceremony to heart, why should I? Maybe I am totally incorrect. I guess my disgust and disappointment is getting the best of me. I want to ask exactly what she meant by “costume” but tact has never been an asset of mine. I am afraid if she responds to my question as I have assumed the answer to be it will show on my face and she will be upset with me. Well, I will say that hopefully the couple will dress up in the costume of “bride and groom.”

Selling With Direct Mail to Clients

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“We need to find more clients. I just sent the advertising folders to Direct Mail services as one venue to get our name out. Two of our current clients are planning on ending our partnership within the month. If we don’t find new clients soon, we’ll be out of business,” the boss said. “We need ideas, people.” The lead marketing manager stood up. “I believe that I may have a new client, sir. I’ve been working on them for the past month and I’m just in the process of getting them to meet with our sales staff,” he said. “That’s good to hear,” the boss said. “If that goes through, then we’ll need one more client to break even. Does anyone else have any leads?” No one else in the room spoke. The boss shook his head in disappointment. This was going to be a hard year for them.

Gathering Natural Sand

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The white beaches to the east of my home town are the perfect place to
gather sand for the sand ceremony products. It is very fine and of good

I like to spend time at the beach. It is one of the few in the world that
is as fine as in any tropical destination. Unlike these tropical
paradises, this beach is not very well known. I can go there frequently
with nobody else around. I can lie down on the sand and just relax. There
is no human made noise. There is only the sound of the ocean waves
crashing against the shore.

It gives me a great piece of mind to be here with nature. It’s a great
spot to sit and think. Once I am done, I collect some of the sand for my