Family Reunion And HCG

Posted by admin on August 25, 2014
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If you have ever had a family reunion you know how sometimes they are a lot of fun and others they are a royal pain. This year I hope will be much better than last year. I actually heard on of my distant cousins refer to me as the fat sister! I was so hurt by their words. Of course that one comment is the only thing I remember from that entire experience. It is also what got me to try the HCG diet that my friends were trying. My body truly responded with the HCG. I lost the weight I wanted to lose rather fast. I can not wait to see them this year. I am not longer the fat sister!

First Thought Insurance

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I will always remember when our sons announced they wanted to race their motorcycles. They had friends that did motocross and they wanted to check it out as well. My first thought was health insurance. My second thought was how much this was going to cost with three sons, at the time, asking to become active in this sport. Now I have a total of five children in the sport and my daughter is now showing interest as well. I have to admit we are enjoying it. There is a lot of expense with the cost of travel and uniforms and not to mention their motorcycles. Just the practice rounds can cost you $500 a weekend. It is not a sport for the faint of heart but it is a lot of fun and the kids love it.

Time To Diet

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My daughter is such a beautiful girl. The only issue is she tends to go up and down with her weight. I told her when she bought her wedding gown that she should not buy it too early or it may not fit. She just loved it so much she bought it. As luck would have it she is in a gaining phase because of all she has taken on with her wedding and her active career. She told me she is once more doing the HCG diet. I was glad to hear it because she had so much luck with it before.

Glad She Had Insurance

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I was so glad Margie had good health insurance. She had not told me about the details but we had been discussing it just that morning. While we were sitting outside drinking a cup of tea Margie suddenly fell over. She had mumbled something and then suddenly she was down. I could not get her to respond so I called for an ambulance. We found out Margie had a stroke. One minute we were speaking about our plans for the weekend and the next minute she was on the ground! You never know what each minute will hold. She is making a complete recovery. The doctors said it is partly because of the quick response. I am so glad she was with me.

HCG And Results

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I look around and see nothing but slender young people sitting on the beach. I know there has to be a location that has people who are average in body shape and age. The world can not be a steady stream of models. I knew when I moved here it would be a challenge to get myself into the healthy lifestyle that so many of my neighbors enjoy. I have just started the HCG diet plan. It is really easy to follow and it is designed to teach our bodies a new way of functioning. Instead of storing the fats it will burn them. It feels good to be in partnership with your own body!

Creating A Successful Business

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I love to read about everything. It is surprising how often something I read becomes the topic of conversation soon after. For instance, I was reading about how to apply for a business credit card one morning. That same day I noticed one of my co-workers discussing that same thing with another co-worker. I asked if they were considering a start up business and indeed they were. We were able to put our heads together and come up with a lot of ideas on the best way to go about opening a business. There are so many steps involved so you do not want to leave one out. It is good to research the success stories to see how they made their businesses successful and use their methods as a referral when you have questions.

Why Have Insurance?

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I can easily understand why someone would wonder why we even need health insurance if we never use it? The fact is if you do need it having insurance can save your financial future as well has further secure your good health. You can take care of medical needs as they arise and not wait until they perhaps become more life threatening. Many illnesses that can be potentially fatal can be cured if caught in time. For this reason alone it is important that we have the insurance we need to be preventative. We all have to be responsible for our own health and the best way to do that is to be proactive and not reactive. That is the main reason to have good insurance coverage.

HCG To The Rescue

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I have been invited to go on a trip with a mixed group of friends. They are all really into healthy living. I have not been part of the group for long so I want to make a good impression. I have been checking into the HCG diet plan to see if I could turn my chemistry around to work as it was intended. I know burning the fat I intake as opposed to storing it would make my energy level go up and reduce my weight gain. I already eat fairly well. I think before I snack to make certain I am making good choices. I just want my effects to be apparent as we all hit the beaches together.

Paying Insurance

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There could have been nothing nicer for my dad to do than to offer to pay for our health insurance. As we loaded our last bags for our college adventure my dad seemed to have something he wanted to say. One by one the three of us hugged mom and dad. It was a huge moment in our lives we will never forget. My dad then spoke out in a nervous manner that he and mom would pay our insurance until we get married. I think it was their way of making certain we do not neglect our health due to finances. They are the best parents anyone could ask for.

This Beautiful World

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You do not have to look very far to see the beauty that we are surrounded with naturally. The earth is such a beautiful planet. You can see some amazing mountains and some majestic oceans all on the same planet. There are deserts and green pastures as well. We truly live in a cornucopia of beauty. We sometimes do not take the time to notice but the beauty is there unwavering all the time. As the seasons change it is as if there is a color show being put on just for us. To see how the same scenery can change in color and features is fascinating. You have to be taken by the beauty that surrounds you. Just take a cup of coffee or a glass of tea and slow life down for ten minutes. Take in the landscaping. You may just be shocked at what you have been missing.